Why I Created Worth It Designs

My whole life I’ve wanted to make a difference. Make a difference for people by volunteering at multiple organizations, speaking about my experience with mental health, and being accepting of all people. Make a difference for animals by becoming vegetarian, advocating...

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The Importance of Having a Well-Designed Author Website

Web design is about more than just looks; It’s also about function. Your website’s design can potentially make or break you, so I’m here to help you succeed. I even have some tips for you at the end. Before we get into the design side of things though, let’s start...

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21 Web Design Terms You Need to Know

Do you know what breadcrumbs are? How about a CTA? A wireframe? I've put together a list of 21 common web design terms to help you better understand what web designers are talking about. They're clearly explained, some with examples, which will aid in grasping the...

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Knowing a Web Designer is Worth It: 7 Keys

When designing and building websites for clients, I want them to have the best experience possible. Not every designer thinks this way though, hence the need for a checklist!It’s important to know what to look for and ensure you’re putting your trust in the right...

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