Design Services

Web Design Process & Features

Site Analysis

I will do a full analysis/assessment of your current site including areas that could be improved or changed. I will go over this with you in the consultation and provide a copy to you.


I’ll send you a list of questions that will help guide the changes to your website and allow for my initial analysis to become more in-depth.

1 Hour Consultation

We’ll go over the assessment of your website that I’ve prepared in advance, and look at the questions that will help guide the changes to your website. Most importantly, I’ll get to know you and your business so I can get the best sense possible of what you’re looking for.


I’ll research competitors, help you find your target market and ideal client, and analyze your Google Analytics (if it’s already set up).


I’ll organize your pages through a sitemap. This involves determining your navigation/menu, interior pages, and getting a sense of what will go on each one. It’s vital to have your content organized in the best way possible so it’s easy for users to navigate.


I’ll create a skeleton of your website with wireframes. They allow me to gather a sense of hierarchy, what images will go where, and what written content will fit where. It’s the basic structure of each page and aids in the design process.

WordPress Set Up

If you don’t have a website or it’s on a different platform, I can recommend a host and set up your site for you on WordPress.


I can improve your written content to better fit your audience, or create it if needed. I’ll also read over all the content to ensure there are no spelling mistakes or grammar errors.

Style Tiles

I’ll show you rough design elements on up to 4 initial style tiles. This will give you an idea of how the website will feel and look in terms of colours, fonts, buttons, and textures.

Design Mockups

I’ll create up to 2 design mockups of what your website will look like based on your choice of style tile(s) or combination of them. These design mockups will closely resemble how the corresponding page on your actual website could look.


Throughout these steps you’ll be providing your input so we’re on the same page. If you’re not happy with any of the style tiles I’ll get back to the drawing board until I’ve created something you’re happy with. With the design mockups, you’ll not only choose which one you prefer, but can make changes or suggestions to the design until you’re happy with it.

AODA Compliant (Accessible)

For Ontario, by the year 2021, many business websites must meet AA level compliance. I’ll ensure that your site fits the criteria (through both design and build) and is therefore accessible. Even if you aren’t required to be compliant, having an accessible website has it benefits, one of them being that more people can reach your site.

WordPress CMS

A premium WordPress theme will be used and customized so that the designs I create will accurately be reflected in the build. I’ll add any necessary plugins and/or custom CSS. Using WordPress will make it easier for you to manage your content.

Staging Site

If this is a redesign, I’ll create a staging site so there’s no down time between the design process and the new site going live.


Your website will be fully responsive, meaning that it will both work well and look good on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The design and build will adapt to any screen size.

SEO Optimization

I’ll make your site visible to search engines and boost organic traffic by applying techniques to place your website higher in the search engine results.


Before going live, I’ll test your website on multiple screen sizes and platforms to ensure it will work across devices.

Maintenance Instructions

I’ll send you instructions on how to maintain your new WordPress website. We can also talk about having me maintain it for a monthly fee.

How We Can Work Together

Design Feedback

Free consultation
  • Free 15 minute consultation over the phone (Canada only) or Skype
  • Go over areas of your website that can be improved
  • Figure out how your goals can be achieved

Web Design

New Site or Redesign
  • Includes every step of the design process in the section above
  • A comprehensive, full redesign to achieve your business and brand goals
  • If you’re only looking for a refresh, I am open to that as well

Marketing Materials

Digital and Print
  • Up to 3 design concepts and up to 5 revisions of chosen design
  • PNG & source files (ex. Illustrator)
  • Includes business cards, social media covers, banners, infographics, etc.

Interested In Working With Me?

If you’re interested in any of the above services, please fill out a form for a free quote.

Looking for something else? Contact me and I may be able to provide you with what you’re looking for. If I can’t, I will do my best to recommend someone.

Keep Your Site Secure And Gain Peace of Mind

Be sure to consider adding maintenance to your website so that it remains secure, backed up, SEO optimized, updated, and more. The Care Plans available have been set up so that you’re getting the absolute best services for the best possible value. Don’t let your site be vulnerable to attacks.

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