A Way Out

The Brief

Create a marketing plan, website, and graphics for a memoir to create an online presence and increase book sales.

The Solution

I created an easy to navigate author page that highlighted the book being promoted. It is clear what the book is, why users should read it, where they can go to purchase it, and how they can learn more. To add more engagement there is an event page, a newsletter signup, social media links, and contact page. Following the same branding of the website and book, I made print (bookmarks, large banner, stickers) and digital (Facebook covers, Twitter covers) graphics. Before any of this was done, a detailed marketing plan was created.

Responsibilities & Skills

Marketing Plan, Web Design, Responsive WordPress Build (with custom HTML and CSS added), Graphic Design, Print Design, Copywriting, Social Media, Video Creation

Print Design (Bookmark & Banner)

Promotional Video

Social Media Covers/Banners

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