Why I Created Worth It Designs

by | Apr 30, 2019

My whole life I’ve wanted to make a difference. Make a difference for people by volunteering at multiple organizations, speaking about my experience with mental health, and being accepting of all people. Make a difference for animals by becoming vegetarian, advocating for animal welfare, and supporting companies that take no part in the exploitation of animals. Make a difference for the environment by supporting companies that have smaller carbon footprints, by recycling and composting whenever possible, and being mindful of how much water and electricity I use.

How could I make a difference through my career though? I entered university in a business program, but later realized it didn’t feel right. I changed my major to sociology with a concentration in critical animal studies and felt that I was learning how to be more capable of making change. I couldn’t figure out what kind of job I wanted out of this though. What would fit my values? My skills? My knowledge? My personality? I had some experience in web and graphic design and absolutely loved it, especially the web design part, but if I were to pursue this further I didn’t know how I could still help others. Then it hit me. I could design websites for people that want to, or already are, making a difference. I could give them websites that furthered their efforts. Websites that increased their impact for social good. I applied to an intensive 8 month post-graduate web design program that I would begin after finishing my sociology degree, and was accepted.

During that program I learned how to strategically design and build websites that would convert to more customers, clients, volunteers, or donors. We learned the ins and outs of designing websites that not only looked good, but were easy to use and served a purpose. One of the important things we learned was that a website user shouldn’t have to think. They should be guided where to go based on the website’s design. While learning all of this and plenty more, I still knew that I wanted to make a difference through my designs. For my final project I designed and built a fictional chimpanzee sanctuary website from scratch. It just felt right.

Throughout the program I was heavily leaning toward freelancing after graduation, because I was concerned about not being able to make a difference or working on a project I didn’t ethically agree upon at an agency. I knew that if I created my own company, I could work with those I truly believed in and wanted to support. I could work firsthand with a client and go through the whole design process with them. This is what I truly wanted.

I created Worth It Designs to make a difference. To work with people that embrace social good. To work with those who enhance efforts around mental health. To work with those who advocate for animal welfare. To work with those who help the environment. To work with those who write books that change our conversations around important topics. To work with speakers who make a change through their words too.


This is the essence of Worth It Designs. It’s a company here to help you help others. To provide solutions that expand your positive social impact through the growth of your organization. To make the world a better place, together.


Interested in having your website (re)designed? I’d love to hear from you! You can set up a free call with me or fill out a form for a free quote.

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