Mutt Life

Dog and Cat Shop

Redesigned a website to connect to customers, increase awareness of who Mutt Life is, and provide info on products available.

Powerful Voices Project

Awareness of and Recovery from sexual assault

Redesigned and built a nonprofit website to focus on video engagement and target its 3 key audiences with specific messages.

A Way Out

Mental Health Memoir

Created a marketing plan, designed and built a website, designed digital graphics, and did print design for a memoir to create an online presence and increase book sales.

Works in Progress


Redesigning a website to make it a warm and inviting gathering place for the author’s readers to spend a lot of time in.

Mental Health Nonprofit

Redesigning a website to increase donations and raise awareness for their mental health program.

Human Resources

Redesigning a website to highlight that they are customer-oriented and unique from your typical HR business.

Real Estate

Redesigning a website for a real estate sales representative to entice potential buyers and sellers to work with them.

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