Sheri Paoletti

Sheri Paoletti; A local real estate agent with heart.

After working with Michelle, I feel more confident that my website is a good representation of myself. She was very obliging, a pleasure to work with, and I will highly recommend her to fellow colleagues and friends. For anyone considering hiring her for a redesign, Michelle is the right choice!

– Sheri

Sheri Paoletti web design.


Redesign the website to entice potential buyers and sellers to work with her. Show that she’s approachable and experienced..


I wanted to be sure to highlight how Sheri is approachable, knowledgeable, and experienced. I created a light and airy yet professional feel for the website, and incorporated testimonials throughout. I wanted potential clients to see that Sheri is a real and approachable person, so I made sure to include her love for the area she works in, her other interests, and how she helps out in the community.

Each page takes the user on a path toward getting in contact with her, whether it be directly or through other pages first. This allows for those who are unsure about contacting her to learn more about her, view listings, or see how she’s the best option for buyers and sellers.


Web Design, Web Development, Some Copywriting

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